Is there anyone else out there who feels as frustrated and annoyed as I do with the new block editor being set as the default way of writing your posts?

I have been away from blogging for a little while only to come back and meet this frustrating and annoying way of working. Why should I be forced to take my valuable time to learn something new at my inconvenience? Why could not the new way of writing posts using block editor be a choice, rather than the default?

And can I send a simple email or message to ask whether I can have my sites revert to the old way of working? No!

I’m sorry blog followers but I may not be posting anything new for a while.

An unhappy blogger!


8 thoughts on “BLOGGER’S COMPLAINT

  1. Hi Ladycee,
    I’ve not spent much time on WP either, but I thought the system was still giving us the option to work with the former method.
    The Block format is different… first time I saw it, I also was frustrated. I think I prefer the original set up – hopefully you can go into the settings/admin area and adjust to your preferences
    Hugs & Blessings

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    1. Hello kenzelsfire,
      Long time no hear – thanks for visiting and engaging with me. Appreciated as always.
      From what I could observe you could only use the old classic editor, once the post using the new block editor had been uploaded. I guess one way of dealing with it would be to do a rough draft as best I can, set post for private viewing, and then edit using the classic version.
      Now that I’ve calmed down, I shall probably take the time to learn the new block editor.
      Thanks for your help, empathy and suggestions.
      Love, hugs and blessings to you too! 🙂

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      1. The new editor is different. Personally I think the former editor provided more usage options. I’m thinking that change is an effort to encourage bloggers to switch from free to upgraded (just my guess).
        I relate to your initial feelings about the changes. The 1st time it showed up when I signed in…I signed out almost immediately

        Came back a couple more times and just did some casual free writing and saved them as drafts.
        I think all they’ve really done is moved things around to “freshen” up the admin experience – if that makes sense…

        Btw, love your profile photo. You are very photogenic!

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      2. Hi kenzelsfire,
        You made me laugh out loud about signing in and signing out immediately! 🙂
        Thank you for your compliment re my photo. It’s an old one. I do not seem to be quite so photogenic these days! However, I hope to update my photo… in the distant future! 🙂

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      3. Hi kenzelsfire,
        No I have two blogs and they are both at WordPress and always have been. A Purpose-driven achiever and Women of Warfare! I think you used to interact with me at WoW!


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