All Hallows Eve – Celebrate!


Halloween. It’s that time of the year again where witches and warlocks roam the earth – and I’m not referring to the ghoulish fancy-dressed men, women, boys and girls who indulge in Halloween parties and neighbourhood trick-or-treat visits.

I’m referring to the spiritual underworld, comprising evil spirit beings and their flesh-and-blood counterparts, who gather in covens and secret societies to worship Satan, practice their noxious arts and target Christian leaders.

Edmund Burke once said:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing.

So what can we do?

We can repossess this 2-day event, which Pope Gregory III had appropriated for the Church calendar. No need to stand helpless and watch the Enemy commandeer this historically hallowed occasion for his purpose.

As women of warfare we can resist Satan’s insidious ploys to spoil, sully and snuff out the lives of God’s creative masterpiece – us! Men, women and children put on this earth to reign, rule and usher in His Kingdom of righteousness. We can thwart our Enemy’s attempts to extend the reach of his foul kingdom.


We can PARTY:

Hold a Hallelujah party. You can make it low key, or a full blown fiesta – the choice is yours. Make it a time of celebration, fun and thanksgiving. It can be adults only, include children, or it can be a private affair – just you and the Lord.

Can’t have a party on your own you say? Yes, you can! It’s a wonderful opportunity to get together with God, link up with Jesus and become better acquainted with the Holy Spirit. And anyway, who says you can’t party on your own? How many times have you held a pity party? Did you invite anyone else along? No? I rest my case!

We can PRAY:

Ask God to divinely protect you, your loved ones, colleagues, friends and neighbours. Stand in the gap for members of your local fellowship, prominent Christian leaders and their families.

Entreat your Heavenly Father to protect your nation, to avert or diffuse any hidden dangers within its borders. Plead the protection of the precious blood of Jesus over your district’s transport network, seas and skies, school grounds and university campuses.

Petition Abba Father to grant journeying mercies to your friends and loved ones. Request peace, divine protection and an assurance of his presence for overseas missionaries.

Solicit Almighty God to deliver you from the schemes, snares and strategies of Satan.

Thank Jehovah for his daily mercies, for preserving our lives to date, for granting us authority over all the power of the Enemy and for his promise that the gates of hell cannot and will not prevail against the church that is established upon revelation truth.


At Hallelujah parties or church gatherings, speak out with boldness. Shout your praise declarations. Pay tribute to the goodness of our great God. Encourage and make room for your children to do the same. After all, Psalm 8:2 (NKJ) says:

Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants

You have ordained *strength (i.e. praise)

Because of Your enemies,

That you may silence the enemy and the avenger.

*According to the Greek Bible from which Jesus quoted, a better translation of the word “strength” is praise.

Dear reader, please understand, I am not denying the underlying darkness of this cultural tradition. I am simply saying enough is enough! Why should we continue to allow our voice to be silenced, the Christian heritage of our nations to be eroded? I’m saying let’s take a stand. Let’s frustrate the forces of darkness with our praise, our prayers and our proclamations.

Instead of shunning this day as a time of consummate evil, let’s seize this moment, this opportunity, as another occasion to celebrate our Lord, who triumphed over the devil and over his realm of death and destruction.

To the children/parents that come knocking at your door this year, why not add a spiritual element to any treats you offer? For UK residents, you can take advantage of a free resource, The Bag of hope, available from United Christian Broadcasters (UCB). There is no limit to the number you can order. However, post and packing charges will apply.

For those not residing in the UK, perhaps you can obtain some simple tracts, or other Christian resources for children and make little goody-bags. Whichever option you choose, pray over these bespoke bags, asking God to prepare the hearts of recipients, so they are open to His gospel message.

Finally, share this post and spread the word to your Christian friends, family, followers and social media connections. Help make the weekend of 30 October – 1 November 2015, the biggest celebration of our King of kings, and Lord of lords. He is surely worthy – don’t you think?

WARNING: please ensure that you seek God’s divine protection in accordance with Psalm 91 and apply the blood of Jesus to your life and the lives of your loved ones, before attempting to battle with the Enemy and his evil forces of darkness.


10 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve – Celebrate!

  1. I love Halloween & I’m not talking about the evil and bad things but the fact that it’s a time for my family to dress up and have fun. We make memories on this day. I didn’t even know it was a bad day until I was at least 7yrs old.

    You are right though, we need to stand up and fight. It only weakens our defenses against evil when we sit and do nothing.

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    1. Hi dear Sis thank you for following my blog. It is so appreciated. And thank you for your comment, which warms my heart. I am glad for any occasion that allows families to come together and make positive memories. Have a blessed day and enjoy your celebrations this weekend. 😃


    2. Can I just add it is not a bad day if you view it as a day to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed on and celebrate Jesus who died but has risen from the dead and has all power and authority over any works of darkness that may be operating at this time – yay! 😃


  2. My family and I are Christians but we usually celebrate Halloween with family just to catch up and eat. Here in the Philippines, people usually celebrate that day to remember the ones who are no longer here and celebrate their lives. This is such a nice post, a reminder that God already won victory over death, and yes, we should celebrate!

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    1. Thank you so much Oleen. I was worried about sending this post but felt this was a leading from the Lord. Yes, this is what this day was eventually intended for Christians to do – to commemorate the death of our loved ones and celebrate their lives. I think we can add another dimension here by commemorating the death of our Saviour and celebrating his life! 🙂

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  3. In our family, we thoroughly enjoy this holiday. It is a wonderful opportunity for churches to reach out to the community around them and provide a safe place for the children to come get candy, play games, and enjoy one another. Our church does a Trunk or Treat party in our parking lot during which we hand out more than 1000 bags of candy! It is a great opportunity for us to interact with folks from the community who we would never be able to interact with otherwise.

    I believe this is a great holiday during which we can participate and support the families who celebrate, as many are not thinking about anything other than dressing up. For the other stuff, we need to be aware of it daily and stay prayed up. That should not be limited to Halloween but should be something we do naturally as Christian women.

    Bless you and thank you for sharing your thoughts on this holiday!


    1. Hi Shell,
      Thank you for your response and good on you, your family and your local community for what you do in reaching out to the unsaved.

      I do hope no one else reading my post felt I was saying that our prayers and intercession should be limited to Halloween because that is certainly not what I was saying, or meant. To clarify, this is a time of year where some Christians see it only as a negative event because of the historical (Celtic) associations. This is a time when whilst on the surface in the natural realm people are dressing up in the name of innocent fun, in the spirit realm there are said to be evil activities being carried out. I am saying that this is not the time for us Christians to be complacent, dismissive or passive. I am saying that at this time we need to be especially vigilant and I am saying that whilst all this ungodly activity is going on in order to elevate Satan and Satanic powers, rather than Christians either dismissing Halloween as a pagan festival, or engaging only in the fun activities, that at such a time as this, if praise and worship were going up into the heavenlies, this would in some way counteract what the Enemy is doing.

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