Prayer Gem 4

Morning by morning, O Lord

You hear my voice;

Morning by morning,

I lay my requests before you

And wait in expectation.

(Psalm 5:3 NIV)






Praying is communicating with God. Through prayer we come to know the all-powerful and loving God, and who He is. Through prayer we allow God to direct our lives. I believe that how we pray (or how we do not pray) changes our lives far more than you can ever imagine.

Prayer shapes our lives.

Canon J. John (


God awaits you in his throne room!


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Five Minute Friday – DECIDE

Q: What is Five Minute Friday?

A: It is a 5min free write blog event hosted by Kate Motaung. Every Thursday Kate announces a one-word prompt on her blog at 10pm EST. The link-up is open for a full week, until the following Thursday evening. For further details on how to participate visit her blog at: Heading Home.


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Five Minute Friday Prompt: DECIDE

I’ve often likened my Christian walk to a James Bond assignment.

Yes, I get to decide to follow Jesus. I get to decide whether or not to obey God’s laws, his directions, his requirements. I do not get to decide my path.

I get to choose my destiny but I do not decide how I will reach it. Like John (Christ’s disciple) said: I must decrease and allow Jesus, the “anointed one” to increase in my life, to take the initiative.

My journey sometimes has clear directions but more often than not it has several roads where I have to decide which one to take. In order to make sure I am on the right path, God’s path, I have to humble myself and ask him. I have to allow his lamp to guide my feet and his light to direct my path.

I hate making decisions and this often leads to me either taking an inordinate amount of time in doing so, or putting off making it at all. That’s why it can be a relief having an all-seeing, all knowing, all powerful God take care of the decision-making for me.


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