What’s your “P” Philosophy?


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Whenever you are feeling discouraged, disappointed or disillusioned with life, what do you do?

When life fails to go your way, or when people mistreat you, how do you habitually behave?

In that hour when emotions are high, when feelings of anger, frustration or failure reign, what will be your default position?

How we choose to behave during such times, demonstrates the level of our spiritual growth and maturity. Make no mistake, as a child of God, both Satan and the Holy Spirit will be standing by, seeking to influence your behaviour.

The voice we choose to listen to, will determine whether we emerge as perpetual victims or perceptive victors. [click to tweet]

In 1 Samuel 25:10-13, we read an account of how David was ill-treated and insulted by Nabal. David took offence and fully intended to wreak vengeance. If it were not for the quick thinking of this churlish man’s wife, David would have been guilty of killing not only Nabal but his entire unsuspecting household—including people who were innocent, who had done nothing wrong!

Anger and a desire for revenge, had clouded David’s judgment.

In comparison, Job demonstrated an admirable standard of emotional maturity. After losing all of his ten children, his considerable wealth and even his health, Job’s wife counselled him to: “Curse God and die!”

Job however, chose to adopt a mature philosophical outlook. He said:

“…Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?”

(Job 2:10 NKJV)

Unlike David, Job chose not to listen to the Enemy’s suggestion, or pander to any sense of outrage, or to feelings of self-pity. He ignored his wife’s blasphemous suggestion, chose not to sin with his lips, nor to charge God with wrong, but to worship the Lord (see Job 2:20-22).

Dear reader, of the two examples mentioned above, which are you more likely to do?

Women of Warfare follower, you can choose your spiritual development philosophy this day, this hour, this season. Will you pity-party or pray?

With love,


Carol (aka Lady Cee)

Author of: Petitions From My Heart

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2 thoughts on “What’s your “P” Philosophy?

  1. Oh Carol! What an amazing post!

    Will you pity party or pray? What an awesome line! I’ll admit, I have to check my feelings at the door more often than I’d like. There is a particular ‘trigger’ that the enemy loves to push and is a place of great pain from my past. The emotional reaction I experience in that moment is intense and straight out of Satan’s playbook. Choosing Holy Spirit in that split second is a reaction I’m trying to become better at.

    The example of Job’s life has always left me in awe. My goodness, praising the Lord through those heartwrenching circumstances and still saying, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.” Wow. That is true love, trust and dedication to a mighty God!

    Thank you my friend for this powerful reminder — growth may be painful, but it sure does produce some amazing results!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Holly,
      I thank you for stopping by to engage with me and enjoy reading your comments. Thank you for your encouragement. Yes, I fully understand where you are coming from when Satan pushes those painful buttons.
      I too find Job’s immediate response to his ill-fortune incredible. I am relieved though that we do see the other side of human weakness which he shows as time goes on during discussions with his friends. And yes, I too am learning to pray more and pity-party less!

      Liked by 1 person

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