A 21-day Thanks-Fest




 Hello Friends,

In celebration of this new month, I’ve decided to challenge myself by writing a post for 21 consecutive days. And given that we’ve just celebrated Easter, as a token of my appreciation for sending his Son, Jesus, to die for me… for calling me into his kingdom… for redeeming me from the hand of the Enemy and redeeming me from the curse of the Law, I’d like to publicly love on God. So this a 21-day opportunity to send Father-God my thanks. Will you join me?

I’d love it if you would.

You can either share your own post and link back to mine, or leave your contribution in a comment box below. Come on! Why not take some time out of your busy lives and tell him (and in doing so, tell us), why you’d like to thank him? After all, he’s worthy!


Father God,

Today I want to thank you for your incredible peace. A peace that goes beyond human understanding. A precious quality of peace that cannot be explained.

It’s a peace which calms, ousts, pervades, settles – i.e. it calms my fears (whatever the source), ousts anxieties, pervades my senses with Holy Spirit serenity and settles my doubts.

 And when those cares, anxieties and fears re-surface, threaten to overwhelm me, tries to topple me, floor me, undermine my faith, my emotional pillars of strength, I merely have to call out to you, reach out and cling to you, cling to the Rock of your comforting presence.

 Because when I do this, when your wonderful peace weaves its awesome magic, then I know that you are in control. I know that all is well. Yes, all is well within my soul.

 I thank you Father God.

 With love,

 Carol ♥ ♥ ♥

CREDIT: the above CC0 image comes courtesy of Pixabay.com



13 thoughts on “A 21-day Thanks-Fest

  1. Great idea! Looking forward to seeing you rise to this occasion as you share what you’re thankful for. I daily write to Him in my journal and thank Him. Have been doing that since I first started reading Ann Voskamp’s blog years ago and then even more consistently once I read 1000 Gifts. I have her monthly print out of prompts as well, which is helpful on the days your mind feels like you’ve thanked Him for so much already!

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    1. Thank you Shell. In that case maybe you can join me since you do it anyway?
      Do you still read her blog? Perhaps I should check out her monthly prompts. Anyway, I do hope I can do this.
      Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

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      1. Carol, you’ve got this!! I will come comment daily for sure. I do still read her big and receive her weekly emails. She is long winded but worth the read and time to see life through beautiful pictures and words. The prompts… here is a link as they have been hard for others to find since the book is several years old at this point. Let me go get it for you! Some are really fun and odd! Like “things that are orange” and “things in my cupboard”.

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      2. It is amazing how God speaks to us where we are at and the surprising ways in which he chooses to do so just reminds me of how much he cares.
        Thanks for sharing that Shell – and for the link.
        Have a blessed and productive day!

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