Hey Folks – You’re Invited!


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my Easter Blog Hop!

It’s my first blog party and I’m so excited.

You are invited to share your new posts, or re-purpose old ones, including artwork, book reviews, craft ideas, memoirs, poems, photos, recipes, songs, stories and travel anecdotes. Your content must however be Easter-related.

This blog party will remain open from now (24 March) until Easter Monday (2 April 2018), so you have 10 glorious days to party.

Help yourself to pastries, chocolate or cake. There’s plenty to go around!

















Here are the rules:


Posts advertising my party is not necessary but if you do, please link back to this page and use the following tag: “LadyC-Easter Blog Hop


Please share links to your Easter-related content in a comment box below. You can come back as often as you wish but please leave only one item per comment box. Thank you.


Links should direct visitors to a specific Easter-related post – not your home page.



Visit at least 3 participants. Why? Because 3 is the number of blessing. As you bless others, you’ll be blessed yourself!


Leave a “like” and a comment

OPTIONAL: I’d just love it if after your comment you left the following calling card in the comments section of each blog you visit: “I bounced over from Lady Cee’s Easter blog hop” (humour me!)



Family-friendly content only please



Be a blessing and promote this party to your social networks (pretty please)




Have fun. Make friends. Share the love!




Psst: Have you been good? Have you participated? Have you followed all the rules? Then here’s your reward!

Have you been naughty? Then no more cake or chocolate for you but do help yourself from the tray below!



(Do come again)


 CREDITS: the above CCO images are all courtesy of Pixabay.com



24 thoughts on “Hey Folks – You’re Invited!

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    Hello friends and followers,
    Did you know I have an Easter Blog Party in progress? Why not drop by and explore the Easter related links (interesting facts, general posts, poetry and song)?
    Do you have any Easter-related posts you’d like to share?
    Here’s an opportunity to meet new bloggers, read, reflect, perhaps learn something new, even smile.
    Do come along and support. With thanks in anticipation!

    With Love,

    Carol (aka Lady Cee)
    “…If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” – Albert Schweitzer



    1. Hello Michelle,
      Thank you so much for taking part and for the wonderful selection of books reviewed. I’ve just been watching a couple of YouTube videos on the crucifixion and resurrection, so you flagging up these books is timely.

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    1. Beautiful! Let’s do this.
      Am I glad I came across your blog and listened to that moving song?!
      Yes – let’s share and celebrate our Lord’s death and resurrection together.

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    1. Thank you for sharing and inviting me to this blog party!! I’ll revisit through out these days. I myself wanted to post Easter stuff through out this week so I’ll make to share and to hop around in here as well!

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