Five Minute Friday – SURPRISE

Q: What is Five Minute Friday?

A: It is a 5min free write blog event hosted by Kate Motaung. Every Thursday Kate Motaung announces a one-word prompt on her blog at 10pm EST. The link-up is open for a full week, until the following Thursday evening. For further details on how to participate visit her blog at: Heading Home.



Five Minute Friday Prompt – Surprise

It’s strange. I know that life is not a bed of roses. And yet when misfortune comes knocking at my door it takes me completely by surprise. Not the surprise that is delightful (like a party or gift) but an unwelcome event. Like when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It took me completely by surprise. Here was this woman, whom I’d always known to be strong and capable and fit even into old age. Then suddenly wham! Out of the blue. Just like that my expectation that she would always be like that—always be in command of her faculties, always be the strong one at the helm of our family—changed. It was not a pleasant surprise.

Have you ever been hit like this? Ridiculous me asking, because of course you have! As I mentioned at the beginning, life is not one big party. It holds its ups and downs.


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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – SURPRISE

  1. last year, around this time, I went through a very very traumatizing situation. It came a complete surprise well–because I would never expect such a thing to happen to me–atleast not at that point. The year has been hard emotionally but it does get better, sister. God will supply us with what we need to go through these trials.

    Sending my love from California

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