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Q: What is Five Minute Friday?

A: It is a 5min free write blog event hosted by Kate Motaung. Every Thursday Kate Motaung announces a one-word prompt on her blog at 10pm EST. The link-up is open for a full week, until the following Thursday evening. For further details on how to participate visit her blog at: Heading Home.

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Five Minute Friday Prompt – Share

I find it amazing that in this world where everyone tries to grab power for themselves that the one who holds supreme power would share it with me. Yes, my Father God, who owns the earth, owns the cattle on a thousand hills, owns every human being upon the earth and everything in heaven come to think of it—has deigned to share his power with me because of his Son Jesus Christ.

You see I am His heir and a joint heir with Christ. That means I have equal share of Jesus’s inheritance. And Jesus himself when he was on this earth declared that all power belonged to him and in light of that he now commissions me to take that power and use it to bring others to him, to deliver captives from the kingdom of darkness, to use my faith to bring healing and deliverance to others. A power that some unscrupulous people would snatch my right arm off for and yet… I do not take full advantage of what I’ve been given.


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