Five Minute Friday: ALIVE!

Q: What is Five Minute Friday?

A: It is a 5min free write blog event hosted by Kate Motaung. Every Thursday Kate Motaung announces a one-word prompt on her blog at 10pm EST. The link-up is open for a full week, until the following Thursday evening. For further details on how to participate visit her blog at: Heading Home.


handsALIVE(Alexas_Fotos)-751066_960_720Image by Alexas_Fotos (

Five Minute Friday Prompt – ALIVE

What a wonderful privilege I have been given. I am alive!

There was a time that I had God’s breath in me but I was merely existing, going from day to day in a spiritual fog, not knowing who I am, or where I was going in life. But since I invited my Saviour (the Lover of my soul), into my unregenerate heart, into my sordid life, I became alive!

Easter (being the time when I celebrate what my wonderful Saviour has done for me), has caused me to reflect upon the fact that if Jesus had not been raised from the dead, there would have been no hope, no destiny, no glorious future for me. I would have remained locked in a prison of misery.

Hallelujah to the Lord God Almighty! Because of his love for me, because of Christ’s obedience to him, I am alive!

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