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Carol’s Christmas Greetings

Image: CC0 Public Domain -
Image: CC0 Public Domain –


Dear followers, friends and visitors

Thank you all so much for your kind support over the past few months. You will never know how much every visit, post read and comment or like received has touched my heart.

I send warmest greetings to you all and wish you happiness, joy, and peace over the coming holiday.

My prayers and thoughts are with you and the following is a gesture of my appreciation (please click on the link below):

If you enjoy this gift (as I am sure you will) why not treat yourself to a double portion of blessing?  Feel free to pop over to my other blog (Purpose-driven achiever) where I’ve posted another seasonal greeting and link.

May God richly bless you and may He grant you peace throughout the festive season as you celebrate with family and friends.

With love,





First and foremost, I am a committed follower of Christ and as long as God’s breath remains in me, I aim to live a purpose-driven life. Words are powerful! They have the potential to impart life or orchestrate death. And so my heart's desire is for the ultimate Creator and Wordsmith to use my writing gift for his glory, to infuse my words with his anointing, love and power. As a blogger, I write to encourage and inspire both myself and others—to maximise our potential and live our best lives.

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